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Kathy Armstrong Shares Financial Literacy Tips for Women on WUTB-TV’s Bmore Lifestyles

Women face different obstacles when it comes to financial planning. What does your financial road map look like?

When it comes to finances, and investing specifically, women must overcome unique challenges. Women of all ages tend to be less involved than men with investment decisions, often leaving them unfamiliar with the particulars of their financial future. Financial literacy is important for everyone, and especially for women because of their longer life spans and bigger gaps in employment if they take time off to care for young kids or aging parents.

Kathy Armstrong, a financial planner with Heritage Financial Consultants and a registered representative of Lincoln Financial Advisors, is familiar with the challenges women face with investing. She recently sat down with the hosts of Bmore Lifestyles on WUTB-TV to discuss these obstacles and how women can improve their financial literacy for a successful future. During the segment, Kathy stresses the importance of saving for retirement early on.

To learn more and watch Kathy’s Interview with Bmore Lifestyles, click here.