The Heritage Difference


Our firm defines itself by our ability to view each relationship as entirely individual.  When we meet and become acquainted, we have no end game in mind.

Even upon our first encounters, you will notice a difference.  Ours is an approach that is refreshingly consistent with whom we claim to be.  Never rushing to a solution, our initial meetings will center on getting to know your existing situation and what you wish to accomplish going forward.  You will not find us making presentations and pitches about why our firm is best.  Instead, you will experience through our actions and our time-proven planning process that we seek first to learn; only making recommendations once our body of knowledge regarding you is sufficient to build a platform for your future endeavors.

We then take a fresh look at the marketplace of opportunities and solutions.  We will offer ideas that you probably have not seen before, and possibly have never been considered on your behalf.  It is from this vantage point that we begin to develop an objective, thorough, cross-disciplinary plan.


As Americans, we live in a fee-for-value world.  From advisory relationships to commodity goods, we are constantly making decisions about how to allocate money and emotional energy.  Smaller acquisitions receive little thought or concern.  Yet, if you are evaluating something you will only buy once in a decade or a lifetime, you take great care in determining whether your choice is a good one.

We believe in quality over quantity.  We have intentionally built a firm that values resources, hires carefully, and considers that each new client may evolve into a decades-long relationship.

Because we wish to have a substantial positive impact on each client’s situation, we enter into relationships with a commitment of time and resources that is difficult to find in the marketplace today.  We remain abreast of  clients’ changing needs and circumstances, anticipating necessary actions that go beyond the client’s current, conscious need.

Our planners constantly educate and reeducate themselves regarding the best and most effective strategies and resources available.  We believe that the best things in life and business are designed to suit one’s needs today while maintaining the flexibility and the depth to carry into the future.

As consumers of financial services and employee benefits, it can be difficult to discern the differences between various firms.  By reference from our existing, longstanding clients, you will learn that we take a more personal and customized approach than many.  You may find us noticing issues others have not called to your attention.  You will also find us providing insight and ideas which will provide clear solutions in an uncertain world.